Lesson 10: “My thoughts do not mean anything.”

This lesson reminds us, “This time the idea is introduced with ‘My thoughts’ instead of ‘These thoughts.’”

The Course gives us the clarity at last that MY thoughts are the important thing. 

The Course thoroughly points out to us- that everything in the world is simply the mirroring of our own internal thoughts projected outward, and then manifested physically into the world. 

This means that I need to take responsibility for everything. 

Taking responsibility for what I see externally is actually totally empowering. 

Whatever I see outside of me, then the ego takes that situation as one in which we feel like we need to feel guilty, which is obviously an attack thought.  And, we don’t want to feel guilty since feeling guilty is a sure way to block the flow of God’s Presence within us.  

The Course is in no way implying our taking responsibility for what we see is something that will cause us to feel badly (guilty) about. 

The Course reminds us in God’s perception we are perfectly innocent for all time, and therefore, there is NEVER a reason for us to feel guilty about the state of the world. 

We want to remember this with passion, conviction, and certainty, so that we have no struggles over this.

However, the Course simply wants us to feel empowered in the idea that we are meant to take responsibility for the state of the world we see. 

When we see the world this way, then instead of feeling guilty, we can ask God for guidance about what to do in the world to change it. 

Then, we can follow God’s prompts, and simply forgive the world, while simultaneously we do something active to change it.

This forgiveness always within the process of moving, is the best and only way to heal the world.

The Course always wants us to know that God’s peace is only within our own state of  mind. 

We need to always look first at ourselves, and be willing to choose our thinking differently- if so necessary- to make miracles around us and within us.

This is our ideal state of mind, so we can have this all the time, as soon as we are open to bringing this within our consciousness regularly.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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