Lesson 17: I see no neutral things.

This lesson reminds us, “You see no neutral things because you have no neutral thoughts.” 

This is such an eye opener if I have ever heard one.  The reality the Course is teaching us about the world is remarkable! 

I have all these thoughts- which are undoubtedly- charged with attack energy and intention the largest portion of the time. 

So it is a phenomenally huge deal to hear that our world is simply a reflection of our own minds.

The ego always says and thinks that somebody else did it.  This is the ego’s excuse every time for whatever attack energy and thoughts and feelings we have. 

The ego instantaneously starts to blame everyone else when our life picture seems to cause any amount of upset, because the ego wants us to stay in the game, and feel victimized, and feel that the world or the other person is to blame. 

Then the ego can sit and feel justified- with rage and attack- because it is a logical reaction to the world’s insanity when we experience it.

The Course is simply inviting us to see reality for the way it is. 

This connection and causal relationship between our thinking and the world’s reality, is huge, to get to a realization that we are actually the only one’s with attack thoughts. 

Therefore, the world is simply a reflection of our thinking- projected outward. 

The Course is reminding us to realize what is happening in these lessons of undoing what the world taught us, and then after that, the Course will step right up, and claim God’s Love and the perfection of the Universe, because this is God’s Will for us. 

Just get out of the way, and don’t buy into the insanity.

 Rather, take the empowering step of taking action to choose other thoughts- within our own minds- and then, get out of the way again.

Then allow the world to change, and trust that God is there doing whatever is necessary for the miracles in the moment, so we can simply relax, and enjoy the ride, instead of trying to plan and mastermind alteration in the world. 

Only God has the know how to do this, so just be an agent of changing our own minds, and reality, taking whatever action is necessary on our own personal level. 

Don’t be attached to any outcome in the world. 

Only the ego likes to make sure things are a certain way, so simply give God permission to make things how God wants  them.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licenced acupuncture


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