Lesson 24: “I do not perceive my own best interests.”

This lesson reminds us, “If these lessons are done properly, you will quickly recognize that you are making a huge number of demands of the situation which have nothing to do with it.” 

We need to get out of our role as judgement maker.  We have zero idea how the path is supposed to be. 

We are limited as a human- by our nature and our senses.  

We have simply no idea how the nature of God’s Universe works, so we just need to sit and come to terms with our limitation.  This is the way of things.

The Course says that God absolutely knows everything because God is perfect, and therefore, without question, He has all the Knowledge about how everything is supposed to be. 

God has a perfect plan, and we just have to sit in wonder, because God is capable of running our lives for the best, and also making magical lives for us, and everyone on the planet, because God so Wills it.

God knows everything because God is perfect.  Therefore, we need to stop trying to pretend we can do better than God does. 

The ego is arrogant- TO THE MAX- and therefore our egos tell us subconsciously, that the ego can plan our lives perfectly, but this is a grave error. 

It is incorrect, because the ego is simply likes to toot its own horn. 

The ego likes to feel great about itself, so it tries to convince us that the ego has supplanted God in our existence.

This is insanity, if I have ever heard it!  God simply is the only Entity who is perfect, so we just need to not listen to the ego.  This is hard because the ego is loud and convincing.

The ego also makes all of this demand energy on everything in life. 

When we recognize we are being energetically or- in some way- demanding, stop and pay attention. 

The ego is being loud as ever. 

Just know that demand energy is simply a full blown state of agitation and judgements galore.

Judgements are when we have decided that everything its not fine as it is. 

The Course just asks us to see this when it happens. 

Catch the ego in its moving-groove, and give the ego its “need to exit” declaration. 

We just need to be willing to demand more than the ego’s sense of scarcity about making everything a problem.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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