Lesson 31: “I am not a victim of the world I see.”  

This lesson so eloquently teaches us, “Do not dwell on any one in particular, but try to let a stream move evenly and calmly, without any special investment on your part.” 

This one instruction would allow us to sail through our lives with grace and ease, if we simply are willing to give it strict application in our days.

The Course always has the answer, and we need to just take it in. 

This lesson demonstrates the perfect amount of our own personal freedom.  The Course wants us to get into a groove giving this action and our intention- combined with Love- to show the world that we mean business about enjoying ourselves.

Just letting things be this way in our lives is the way to live with peace and certainty and comfort. 

Just that little bit of willingness to get out of the way. 

When we are willing to be in the moment, then we can just surrender our judgement of the picture, simply because not doing so is unnecessary and unhelpful.  

The magic of being in the Present, and not having investment in the picture, is the true way to live well.  Just taking the back seat- in the picture- is what the Course teaches us so eloquently in this lesson. 

Just don’t try to FIX anything.  This is the ego’s sole story. 

The Course says that God gives us the gift of serenity, when we just allow everything to be perfect as it is. 

The instant we start to judge the moment, we block the flow to God’s Presence and Love. 

This is never a reasonable solution, because blocking off the flow to God’s Love will always leave us in the realm of scarcity and lack. 

When we give God’s Universe permission to be how it is, then we get off the battleground.  Just slight investment is a perfect remedy to how the ego sees the world, because it is such a small amount of interest in the trying to change the world. 

As soon as we come to God with our hands in the air- showing that we are not set in our thinking about the world, God gives us the gift of freedom in our minds.

The slight investment is the way to live in the world- while we are in harmony with it.  Just keep checking in with ourselves, about how much investment we are showering the world, because it is ever so important to be self aware.

We want to not be at battle with the world, so the moment we diminish that desire to make it our own picture as we think it should be, we will just come back to seeing where we are not aligned with God’s elevated Energy and Purpose.  

Then we will find that the world becomes easy, because we are seeing the world but not getting stressed about it. 

We can move to change the world, with the Holy Spirit’s instruction, without having any attack energy within ourselves. 

Just keep checking in with our own internal monitor of proactive peace. 

Be a warrior, and move when it is necessary, while we feel healed ourselves, throughout what is happening.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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