Lesson 319: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “I came for the salvation of the world.”

This lesson reminds us, “Here is the thought from which all arrogance has been removed and only truth remains… Only the ego can be limited.” 

The Course tells us that we are the ones who get to save the world, the privilege is all ours. That is such a huge deal!!

Saving the world feels like a God powered thing to do, not our measly ego selves.  So it is exciting and big. 

There is nothing little in the situation that we save the world.  

God wants us to know that there is no arrogance in this statement, because God specifically planned for us to have this amazing role. 

And so God equipped all of us with this extraordinary function. 

The world is miserable and needs so much help, so it can seem like saving the world is beyond our scope, but God wants us to sit, and just be Ourselves, be the ones who are joined with God energetically for all time.  

When we allow ourselves to be God’s Love and Essence, then we are wholly equipped to save the world. 

This is why there is no arrogance in it. 

God planned the world, and the lives of humans in the world, so we can trust that God knows exactly how things are, and how we are made. 

God made us so we can have faith that there is no problem in our simple embodiment of God’s Essence, because God declares it so. 

We can simply allow ourselves to sink into the Reality that we are as big as God.  The only problem that ever occurs is when we fail to buy into it.

This is why there simply is no arrogance in being and doing what God specifically planned for us. 

Arrogance is removed and we sit in the acknowledgement of the truth that we are big enough to save the world.   That feels amazing. 

Our arrogance is a block to Love’s Presence so we want to monitor this consistently. 

God says that we are worthy and valuable enough to be the ones to heal the sick and feed the hungry. 

We feed everyone with Love, and everyone gets happy, easy and free. 

And eventually everyone’s bodies catch up, with the alignment with God’s Purpose and Love, and bodies heal themselves.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licenesed acupuncture


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