Lesson 340:  “What is the ego?”  “I can be free of suffering today.”

This lesson says, “I was born into this world but to achieve this day, and what it holds in joy and freedom for Your holy Son and for the world he made, which is released along with him today.” 

The Course says our holiness is a done deal. Because our holiness is God given, and God- decreed, there is no way it can ever falter. 

It has seemed like the most arrogant thing in the world for us to claim we are holy infinitely and permanently, because the ego knows how we battle with the ego, and the ego is always screwing up. 

Then, because of our belief that we have done something wrong and punishable, something unforgivable, it seems too hard to buy into the reality of our holiness.

The Course is such an bizarre book- because it goes to the extent of giving us the actual and true wishes and Will of God.  So we need to trust what the book says. 

If God says we are always worthy and infallible in God’s book, then there is no guilt, and therefore, no suffering or loss of connection with God’s perfect flow of Energy and Love, because there is no block to God’s Love and Presence.  

This is all the miracle we need to understand, because when we realize this one thing, and be open to the interpretation of God’s Will and message for us, then everything in our lives changes. 

We stop literally all of our suffering, when we simply realize that we are entirely holy, and therefore, infinitely lovable.

And then, when we identify with being lovable and holy, then we simply will behave differently in the world, because our framework within is that we are coming from a place of our having total openness to God’s Purpose. 

We have a full cup within instead of the ego’s scrambling for inner scraps.

When we feel God’s Presence within us, and then we come from a place of being elevated energetically, because we identify with the truth that there is nothing to feel guilty about.

Then, we behave in the world as the miracle worker, simply because of our elevated consciousness. 

When we are already starting in the world from a place of being lovable, worthy, and holy, connecting with miracle consciousness- creating active miracles- is more automatic because we feel so good.  

We just need to realize it is ever so simple. 

This is simple- therefore, be willing to not complicate it with our story or more baggage. 

Give up anything else, and simply allow this miracle of our lovability, to be evident in our moment to moment reality.  This is all we need.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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