Lesson 59: “God goes with me wherever I go.”  “God is my strength.  Vision is His gift.”  “God is my Source.  I can not see apart from Him.”  “God is the Light in which I see.”  “God is the Mind in which I think.” 

I love the Course’s enthusiasm for God.  We get the amazing news that God totally Loves us and takes care of us for all time, because this is God’s Will. 

There is no greater thing for us to hear this and accept this. 

This news and reality is all we need literally to transform our lives from the nightmare before- to consistent miracles afoot in our moment to moment waking existence.

We just need to take in all the great stuff.  We just need to get the clear scoop that God deems us innocent for all time. 

Then  our guilt entirely disappears, because we just decide to let it go, since it is not necessary. 

Guilt is a serious block to the flow of God’s Love, so claiming our perpetual Innocence makes us- then- get the personal ease that comes in synch with our certainty.  

Just give ourselves permission to get off the battleground.  When we remember our innocence, then the battleground ceases to exist. 

No one wants to be in the midst of misery and suffering. 

So all of our reminders that God is with us consistently allows us to claim the goodness of having God with us all the time. 

It is always our own choice in the matter. 

We just need to stop loving pain more than pleasure. 

It can take lots of practice, before we get to that place finally of being willing to get out of the way. 

But it works- when we are simply willing for the process to work.

Our only problem is that our ego’s are always front and center. 

We need to realize that the ego is not our friend, so just say lovingly to the ego,”No more treats for you. No more looking the other way.”

You have to leave promptly. 

Sometimes the ego is so loud that we simply forget how completely God is with us. 

Just open our hearts to the miracle of the transformation as God’s beloved companions.  God holds our hands very gently and warmly, and He gives us all the guidance we need.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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