Lesson 73: I will there be light.”

This lesson reminds us, “The ego’s idle wishes are unshared, and therefore have no power at all.” 

The reason that the ego’s wishes seem insanely difficult for us to make any headway in not giving into the ego’s vibe and thought is to realize that the ego has no power. 

The ego is a nag,  persistent to the nth degree, and incredibly difficult to not be swayed by. 

Sometimes- especially when we are less versed at seeing the truth about the ego honestly, and then having the courage to make another choice than the ego, can seem so over the top hard to do.

Sometimes, we don’t even try. 

Sometimes the ego seems TOO BIG to deny.  

The Course says that the best news we can hear is that that ego of ours is actually with zero power, and therefore, choosing something other than the ego is actually not that hard, when we have a deep willingness to do it. 

We just don’t want to run and hide the minute we hear the ego, inside of us being forceful. 

We can instead realize that the ego is not shared, and so there is no actual strength in the ego’s volume. 

Then we can instead make that attempt to keep the ego at bay, instead of running and hiding from the situation initially.    

We just need to get in touch with our own awareness of our own magnificent strength, because God is within us, and has us in the best scenario, where we have the strength to jump right into miracle consciousness. 

We can do this, because God is our head cheer leader, Who is making up the routines- that allow us that inner sense of liberation, ease and comfort.

The Course reminds us repeatedly that Energy that is shared is God-centered. 

The Course says that we can get to Heaven- immediately- when we do it in conjunction with our brothers and sisters.

That shared Love that we feel- for our brothers and sisters- is holy, and perfect, and allows us to remember our salvation and everyone’s salvation, since sharing is the most a basic God- given gift.  

The capacity for us to share is of God, because it is the way to express we have released our grievances. 

When we hold grievances about our brothers and sisters- or about anything, the truth is that we are blocking off that inclusive Energy and Love from God, and therefore, it is the opposite of what we truly want. 

Just understand that inclusiveness is of God, and therefore, it is the most powerful way we can be, so we will be happy and easy when we allow it to be.  

Just don’t forget to make that inclusive Energy part our reality now and always. 

It is the only way to God permanently.  This makes it worth the effort.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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