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Lesson 80: “Let me recognize that all of my problems have been solved.”

This lesson reminds us, “Let us be determined to be free of problems that do not exist.  The means is simple honesty.  Do not deceive yourself about what the problem is, and recognize that it has been solved.” 

I am always so grateful for the Course’s repetitive insistence that we have only one problem- the separation from God- and that this is already solved, because God would never allow the separation to be real.  God would never abandon us.  Period, and end of story. 

Therefore, we just need to get in step with God’s brilliant Purpose, and accept that we are one with God all the time.

Therefore, there are simply no concerns- nothing that would have us to be not ecstatically happy about. 

This means we can start the party now.  Seriously.  There is nothing keeping us from joining God, since God would never leave us. 

This idea that the separation from God could have happened was simply an error on our parts. 

God is NEVER mad at us for entertaining the silly fantasy of a actual disjoining with God.  How cool is that- that the separation never happened…

And the ego runs wild with guilt about the separation happening, the ego wants us to suffer, suffer, suffer.

Thus, the fact it never happened, means that we can focus all our attention on accepting this truth. 

Releasing all of our inner constriction, when we allow the separation not to be real, means all of our heartache goes away. 

Thus, then all of our efforts can go to accepting and remembering this amazing truth, instead of being chagrined that it happened in the first place.When we accept that there is only one problem, and that we never separated from God, I know I feel so so much better. 

We have no guilt, and all of our upset about what is happening in the world, takes on a far less intensified upset, because our blocks to the flow of God’s Love- is very much open.  Then, the rest of my experience in my day, gets so much easier, because I am surrounded with the Love of God.

The Course also reminds us how crazy the ego is, and making ridiculous amounts of problems in the world.  The ego LOVES drama, and loves to hear the sound of its own story.  

Therefore, just realize that the ego always wants to have something to complain about.  This is why the ego makes the world seem like a terrible pace to be. 

Just end this ego habit now, because there is only one problem in the world- the separation from God.  Don’t get crazy mad at the world, when there is only one problem. 

When we truly accept and believe that we have only one problem—the separation from God, and it never happened, then we can let life be that easy stroll down a happy, light, sweet path, of peace, comfort, and God’s Love in action, since there is nothing else to do.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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