Lesson 87: “I will there be Light.”  “There is no will but God’s.”

This lesson spreads the good news with this: “I try to attack only when I am afraid, and only when I try to attack can I believe that my eternal safety is threatened.” 

The Course says ONLY when I have attack thoughts could I cause any breach in the eternal flow of God’s Love. 

The Course reminds us repeatedly that we are the ones in charge.  We get to make the picture an exact replica of our own internal energy and thought.  

This is indeed a huge responsibility, so it may feel overwhelming, but the Course reminds us to take this amazing responsibility lightly. 

Then, we sit instead in the state of our own grandeur, so we sit in a state of being full.

When we accept internally, the truth of our lovability- as declared by God, and the fact that we are always saved, because God wants for us the best of the best, then all is well.

Because we know these things, our energetic state is whole and appropriately operating, and therefore, all will be fine.

The fact that our attack thoughts are not even actually real also makes this responsibility seem like far less of an effort. 

We can realize now, that since the world is not real, that therefore our attack thoughts are not real, we can instead rise above the battleground. 

We can sit in the certainty, that God is never going to have any low energy within Him, and since we are the beloved children of God, then we will never have any low level energy within ourselves. 

Thus, we can enjoy the fact that the attack energy disappears when we remember they are unreal.

The fact that we get to choose our own thoughts is the best news ever.  Then there is nothing to do but take the time, and energy, and effort to sit and be Present, with the awareness that we get to choose the entire picture of our lives, and then step up with a light heart. 

Choosing our thoughts becomes more automatic over time; we just need to be willing to show up today, and every day, until the habit becomes automatic.

Be grateful that we get to choose.  We get to decide about how we see everything. 

Bless this and allow it to gladden our hearts. This is empowerment galore. 

God wants us to be truly alive, and this is what the Course is teaching us- how to get up every day, and invite the day in, with a welcome hand, and get right to choosing each moment with awareness.

God wants us to party, while we get to savor being the happiest at the party- as we choose.

Let go of the ‘Should’s.’ 

Release promptly our agony of not remembering to choose our thoughts consciously, and deliver our minds to the easy decision to think in bright Lights. 

Give yourself permission to be a project- that ebbs and flows- in becoming more enlightened. Spiritual advancement is a process. 

We just need to allow it to be steady, and forgive all the in-betweens, if we are off centre.

Remember that the act of forgiving the off center moments- itself- is most definitely included in how we learn to express ourselves, in another part of our spiritual evolution. 

We can do this with compassion, while also with a sense of resolution. 

We must allow learning more about forgiveness, to be the thing we need to do urgently for our best interest, particularly for the purpose of getting bigger.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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