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Coming into my power, with God.

We have all kinds of things that might need some extra attention while doing. 

There may be lots of things in day to day life, that we resist, or maybe avoid, at least partially, or sometimes entirely.  Know the ego is always doing its tricks, and trying to mislead us, and telling us all kinds of false stuff about whatever the situation is.

Know that sometimes there may be things that we avoid, but just remember that the more we can do in life, and more full we can be, we can be the most functional, as well as the happiest people, so it is worth doing, even if we struggle with resistance.

There may be things that we are in the practice of avoiding, but just allow those things to get to  our minds, and noticed, to really get truly healed. 

We need to sit with ourselves, and sit with God, and look closely at those things we are resisting in life. 

Allow this process of serenity, and deepening our clarity, to be the most sacred, and cherished activity. 

It may be hard, but remember, when we forgive ourselves, and forgive the picture in front of us, and forgive the thing we resist so much, then we are in a perfect place to take the next step.

Then we are in a place, where we can redo our energetic, and our practical relationship with the thing we resist,  and we can instead build our connection with this thing, to be most fruitful, and delightful, and easy, because it has been healed.

We also can step into our power, by watching when our minds go into that victim stance, when we are trying to function in the wold, and do things that feel difficult. 

Just catch this.  It happens instantly, so just head it off at the pass, catch it, before it catches you. 

Get it forgiven, and healed, because we will be so much lighter, because of it.

Stepping into our power, is when we are willing to develop those parts of ourselves that may be new or different.

Be light about doing things, especially when they are really hard, or we may feel incredibly triggered by them.  

Allow this to be a time of total effort, and purpose to do this hard thing, with a light and easy mind. 

Remember that everything is going to be so much better, than we could ever imagine, if we allow it to be so. 

This is the most important trick, to let God dictate the picture.  

Give Reality permission to be grand, and fun, and peaceful, and perfect. 

Allow life to be as abundant as it is, and know that God will make it even more abundant, if we just not go into scarcity and darkness. 

Instead, go slow, so we have a little more time to be and do whatever it is consciously,  so we can really allow God to be there, and allow God to fill all of the fullness of life, with His perfect, and sweet Love. 

Go slow, because it may just allow us to show up to doing the hard stuff with a sense of Purpose, and responsibility, but also deep respect, and Love, and excitement for ourselves, for stepping into those magical, developing parts of us that we are making consciously, whenever possible.

Step into the magic of being powerful, because being powerful is our God-given right to become fuller people, and don’t forget how fun it is to come into our power.  Hold this awareness within, and allow that to carry us.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupunctuture


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