Easy Does It

Easy Does It” is the perfect mantra to carry with me and us all the time.

We need to remind ourselves of this when we forget and start to get bent out of shape.

“Easy Does It” is the perfect solution to all of our problems, whatever they happen to be in the world.

We need to learn to be light about the world. We need to accept the world as it is, so how perfect is this mantra to help us do that!!

We need to be soft and pliant when we encounter and deal with the world. Holding this attitude is the only way to make the world manageable and also straightforward.   

We need to remember that “Easy Does It” is superb advice regarding how to accomplish things globally. And the way to function in the world at the highest level while we also maintain a Godly higher focus.

“Easy Does It” is perfect in both the emotional and physical methods of approaching the world. We always need to allow the world to come into our awareness with a pure sense of the entire lack of judgment.

We need to feel about the world no verdict so that that judgment would not cause our inner block to the Flow of God’s Love and Presence. We need to consistently use this mantra to not establish for ourselves any position of feeling like a victim in the world’s calls for Love.

We also need to be sure to remember physically to apply this mantra as well.

When we rush around and are determined to get everything on the list completed, we need to ease up.

We need to slow down and take deep breaths while we practice this.

When we take deep breaths, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system where rest and rejuvenation are possible; when we are functioning in the sympathetic system, when we are not breathing much, or at all, we are going fast, we overstimulate our sympathetic nervous system.

And this sympathetic nervous system is meant only to be used and accessed when we are in danger, like running from a tiger or bear, to save our lives in the short term.  

When we use our sympathetic system regularly, we throw the body way off balance, and our health and happiness will deteriorate because it is not a healthy way to approach life in a more regular pattern.

We need to take steps to rejuvenate ourselves by deep breathing and tending to going slow, and allowing our parasympathetic nervous system. We need to establish again regularly.

We need to take it easy all the time, and this applies to each aspect of ourselves. We can be so grateful that we have an easy phrase to remember to get ourselves back into being centered. 

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed acupuncture


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