Laurie’s Positive Points:

Be in touch with your inner rhythm and go with it as much as possible. 

It is such a remarkable miracle that we have this capacity of wisdom within each one of us.

We all have this divinely provided part of ourselves that we can rely on to give us insight, clarity, and a sense of which way to proceed.

We need to listen to that voice within because it is of God and a Higher Elevation, so when we tune into it, we have a direct connection to God and our Higher Power. 

Even if you are an atheist and don’t want to discuss God mainly, we can certainly appreciate this inner voice of wisdom from the Universe or some other helpful place that will benefit us all if we listen to it.

I also am thrilled that we have the voice of God within us, and we don’t have to go to church to access it if we do not feel called to take this action. We can stay home and appreciate that within us is the voice of God.

The condition is so handy that we don’t have to dress up and see this voice. It is within us, and all we have to do is notice it.  

We all have this incredible capacity to get clear messages from God, or the Holy Spirit, or whatever you want to consider in this role.

And this means that this is so simple, so it is exciting that we don’t have to exert undue effort to get to it.

But remember recognizing the nature of how this voice communicates with us may take some time and trial and error.

We must find a way to learn how to recognize when we are being spoken to by our higher power.

And this takes practice. We can certainly show up, listen, and watch what happens in our lives to get information about how and when our communication happens.

It may take a while, but don’t fret. Allow the process to be what it is, and don’t be judgmental about it.

We need to be patient with the process of trial and error. Holding patience allows us to permit it to be what it is.

We may need to work on our sense of being patient actively. Be willing for us to develop our patience gently and consistently. 

It is worth developing, and the time it takes time, but it is beneficial in the long run to have more patience overall, so worth the effort.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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