Laurie’s Positive points: Abundance is our birthright.

The Universe provides us with abundance is meant to be our right because we are of Light and perfect energy. 

We have the right to all kinds of gifts in the world while we are humans. We are allowed, and we must accept merely having the right to have some things because we naturally do.

But the astounding reality is that all of our gifts are and will be transformed into outright abundance when we are open to feeling the Energy of being full.

We need to remember that the Universe gives us outright surplus for us, not just slim pickings; we are destined to have outright plenty in all areas of our lives.

The ego is so used to asking for small things. We are so used to not expecting more, expecting that our lot will be as insignificant as it comes.

Outright abundance is our destiny, remarkably so. The incredible thing is that all of the outstanding parts of nature gives us our future- to be outright abundant, and it comes when we are open to being big and feeling worthy of abundance. 


 We need to feel the abundance Energetically, and then all of the matter and form in our lives will drastically transform into the miracle of abundance. As long as we are willing to feel this energetically, we are worthy of it and accept it is coming.

 Just remember, the ego is always limited and has expectations of the smallest amount of abundance and wealth.

We need to make sure we realize that our lives and every aspect of our lives can be full of the plenty when we remember that we are worthy of this plenty and that the plenty is already coming ahead of us.

We need to feel this on some level energetically because it does help that plenty vigorously flows into our minds and hearts.

The moment we experience this actively, it is like actually getting our abundance of energy initiated with movement. We need to feel the energy and allow it to move within us to move into our reality as Truth and then inform as well. 

Just remember big because they are destined for all of the plenty of great things while we live. Just remember to stay in the process of becoming more prominent all the time.

We can always change our thinking and change our energy, so we are in the full proactive function of being healthy and appropriate with our lives.

We want to be as healthy, and Light, and God-centered as possible with our minds and lives, so we are doing the essential part of choosing abundance to do this entirely with God.

But then step up and do all the things we can do to realize that small is not enough for us because we are such prominent people and deserve the utmost of plenty as possible while we live.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed acupuncture


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