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Laurie’s Positive Points:

Be attentive with your loved ones. 

The quality of who we are is what we can bring to our interactions with our loved ones, when we consciously make it so. 

And the more we bring quality of ourselves to our loved ones, the greater likelihood that our loved ones will feel they have been heard. 

Often, in relationships, especially the ones we may have for a lifetime, or a very long time, are the ones we often either forget, or somehow never got totally into the habit of really deeply being present, when you are with those loved ones, or that then we forget to listen.  

We need to listen, and really listen, like our lives depended on it, but of course, with lightness to it. 

We need to show up and really be there, to really participate with chatting and listening to our loves ones.  There is always the possibility that we have not gotten ourselves acquainted with how to establish that groove within us, while we listen to our loved ones.  

We may need to really give this process of becoming bigger and more elevated people, attention, and approach this with a deep willingness to work on ourselves, so that the quality of who we are is really outstanding. 

And it is something our loved ones can palpably feel, because it is energetically experienced. 

Just be willing to give ourselves permission to stand up and take strides toward our higher selves, and know that we just need to be wiling to give our connection with God a try-and make a firm decision- so that we become much more functional and happy.

And also that we can feel this amazing quality of who we are in our relationships with our loves ones.

Often, especially when parents who are working extra hours or are extra busy, they may have forgotten how amazing it feels to truly connect with their children.  Or, maybe they are not yet versed in developing their own skillfulness in this kind of process with relationships.  

Appreciate that parents are doing the best that they can, but also appreciate how amazing it feels to connect with your kids, when you listen to them.

I think especially for  kids or family, lack of listening can be especially triggering for people in relationships.  When people don’t feel listened to, this dramatically makes the other person feel unseen.

Just appreciate that listening to our loved ones is the only way to really bridge the gap between us. 

We need to make sure that we take an attitude of appreciation about our loved ones, and even bring the miracle of forgiveness, for the situation, and for the other person and for us. 

We want to make sure that we are miracle ready within, when we reach out to listen. 

When we are at an elevated energetic level, because we are miracle ready, then the quality of who we are is so dramatically amazing.  We are gifted with God’s purpose, when we choose to feel this way.

Especially if you are one that has some difficulty taking and making the time to listen, even at all with our loved ones, remember that it is ESSENTIAL to show up, and listen to our loved ones, treating them like they are the most important, valuable person to us.  Treat them like we would not be doing anything else but listening, while they speak to us.  

Even if you have less time to spend being with or listening to your child or partner, just be sure when you are there to listen, really give this the most priority in your day.  Just bring that high quality of you to it.

The more we do, the more we get emotionally advanced, so it is worth doing.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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