Be certain to get really into and enthusiastic in the process of cooking for ourselves and eating well.

I have found for me that it works consistently to stay thin and quite healthy is how I exercise consistently, and cook, and eat homemade food, without fail. 

These two things are the largest components in my being able to stay quite thin. 

But establishing this as a habit is something that has totally been a process for me.  And no matter how long I have been doing this process of learning and implementing ways for me to have a healthy lifestyle, it has also been also a lot of trial and error. 

I am always getting up again, and trying differently after I have a bump in the smooth road of living the way I live.

So just be willing to start again, when we get to a juncture that looks no good, and then redirect ourselves with food. 

All the questions we ask about how food works for us, and how our lifestyle works for us are all necessary inquiries that we encounter on the path. Just stay in the game, no matter how large the bumps.

Remember how important cooking for ourselves as a necessity to have as a daily habit.  If we want to be healthy, I have found that cooking for myself has been the most important thing I can do to have the most optimal health, and also be as thin as I am. 

Cooking for ourselves, and trying to steer clear from processed food is so important, because this is the easiest and quickest way, for us to get thin and be optimally healthy.  So don’t miss this.

It can be hard to figure out how cooking more often for ourselves is possible, with all the other time needs we have. 

Just have patience with this process, and realize that we can try various options about how to manage our time, with potentially more cooking for ourselves throughout the week. 

Sometimes we might need to cook all in one day, and then store the food we can heat up later in the week.  Or maybe it works best for us to cook two days a week in shorter spurts, and then have our food for the week.

Remember we just need to make this modification so we are optimally healthy.  Once we do it, remember that we can make our cooking a meditation for us, throughout the week, especially if we are cooking more than before. 

Remember to enjoy the process, and consciously put love into the food. Just make the process of doing our cooking food be a fun treat for us. 

Remember to ask God for guidance, if we are really stuck, about how to fit in the extra time for cooking. 

It is worth doing, because the healthier we eat, it is most likely that our energy will be the highest,  than when we are not.  Then our moods will be elevated and we feel  healthier, because we are eating so well.

There are lots of reasons to celebrate that we can eat well, and be more functional in our lives, so just show up, and remember to stick with the plan of cooking, as a regular thing to support ourselves and our families.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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