Laurie’s Positive Points

Mindful eating:

Revisiting our relationship with food is most helpful if it is repeated when necessary.  Food is not something we can avoid if we have a problem with it. 

We have to eat to survive having human bodies, so how do we deal with this little bit of crazy?

Be sure to notice regularly how we are feeling about food and our relationship with food. 

We want to be in the game, so we need to give food time and space to evolve, when things need to grow and change.  Don’t be bummed that we need to do this, but get excited about us becoming bigger people. 

We need to see where we are on the insanity scale, about whatever food makes us out of control within ourselves. 

When we are out of balance with food, we may be craving certain foods all the time, and even binging-over eating certain foods- or at least thinking way too much about food.  There always needs to be a delicate balance.

We need to check in with ourselves, since the last time we checked in with ourselves about food, and see how we have progressed, and where we need to go in the future, or starting now. 

Being conscious about food, allows us to be more skilled at the process of sitting in conversation with ourselves, about what is good and fine, and what needs to change- starting now.  

Remember consistently to forgive ourselves, when we go through a period of lapsing in maintaining our healthiest boundaries with food. 

Sometimes we have a long history of being in a more dysfunctional relationship with certain foods, that we would like to change, and are bummed because we have not completed this yet.  Appreciate that changing our relationship with food is a process, and that process takes an amount of time.  

And we don’t know why, sometimes, it takes so long to make things better, but we can instead trust God and that His Universal Plan is perfect, so we just need to sit lightly, about our mistakes with food, and give them permission to heal. 

Just appreciate that everything gets used, and God is with us, watching, loving and supporting us.  So our job is to be light about the insanity we have yet with food, be easy about it.  

The more we can forgive and be easy about it, the more the energy in the food dysfunction becomes increasingly more elevated, and so it is changing- the moment we are light about our failing with food. 

The best way to heal the problem, by forgiving and being light about it, is the way to get it higher energetically.  So by this alone, we already have healed our long standing issue with food.  

This is very empowering when we work on our issues with food, because it is a long standing thing we need to balance.  This is amazing news that we can use food to get us to God sooner.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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