Laurie’s Positive Points: 

Remember that addictions are always happening and are likely to occur in any aspect of our lives.

I think we are all used to expecting our compulsions to exist in the area or areas of our lives where we have had addictions before.

It may seem like an expected thing to battle with food or liquor or whatever we have experienced happening before.

But remember that our dependencies can span to every inch of our galaxies. We can have our addictions arise in all places, so be sure to note when this happens.

And remember that our obsessions are always when we are at the extremes of our usual middle way and typical balance.

Appreciate they are likely to arise at any time, so don’t be surprised; we often miss that our thinking can be the problem because it is easier to identify an addiction that we can see in form.

When I am binging with food every day, all day long, with no reprieve, this is obvious because we see it.  

 Thinking is tricky, to say the least; it is hard to find when we are off-center with our thought and feelings, that is not yet visible in the form.

Remember that our feelings in dark, heavy, dense emotions automatically throw us off-center because we feel terrible when we allow this to happen.

Remember to catch the sentiments before they linger on for too long and make us squirm within, try to seize this immediately and get this tendency before it runs away with us.

Remember that feeling our sense of scarcity is how we can identify our addiction. When we are doing something and move into a sense of lack, we usually start doing whatever we are doing with a sense of being off-balance.

When our feelings go into lack, then we may still be doing the same thing we were doing before, but suddenly we are now doing what we are doing from a place that is not good to continue.

Just catch ourselves whenever we are doing actions that may seem adequate and helpful at the outset, but watch if something about our energy changes when we are doing what we are doing, and then we end up feeling off-balance.

Remember when we feel scarcity, then we need to take a deep breath, relax, and be light about whatever we are doing so that we can get out of the energetic groove of scarcity, and we can get out of the mindset that is detrimental to us.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed acupuncture


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