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Just recognize the energy that fills up within you, when you are eating especially.

Especially when we are in an out of control binge with food, really pay attention to the energy we feel, and then, promptly allow ourselves to simply change the energy.

I had very serious eating problems, when I was a teen ager, for 5 years.  I was a non-urging bulimic, and I really knew the depths of my own inner insanity in general, but especially when it came to food. 

I experienced the lows of doing insane behaviors every day, without any reprieve. I really knew the depths.  I was the craziest of the bunch.  I started from a really bad place, when I was younger, and I had a lot of healing to do, to stop doing this with food.  

I am really practiced at paying attention to the nature of my relationship with food, and I have been able to change my energy with food over the years, as well as my behavior with food. Now, I feel as easy with food as I ever have, in my whole life.  This is such a miracle!!

The problem when we are in a relationship with food, where we binge regularly or try to obsessively control our food, is always with total lack, at the foundation of our energy with food. 

That obsessiveness with anything, but especially with food, since we all have to eat food, is important for us to look at, with clear eyes. 

We want to see how much misery we have over food, when we are actively binging, or even occasionally binging. It is a problem, because we suffer over it. 

The true problem we have with obsessively binging food is that our energy goes into lack and scarcity, because the ego is always there, in these instances. The ego always has lack at its core.  We just need to see this for what it is, and allow the ego to get out of the way.

First, we want to change the low vibration of obsessively binging.  We want to see what we can do to change the fundamental lack, when we are binging.  Since we may be able to do something about changing our energy during binging, this is worth trying.

Remember to be mindful when we eat. Being mindful comes with great awareness with it, so it is God centered, so when we are struggling with binging over food, use mindfulness as one of the go-to resolutions for us that works effectively.  

I often try to experience the feelings off my body when I am feeling off center with food.  I think about, and I ask myself the question, “How does my body feel when I am eating this?,” and when I focus on the experience of my feeling, it is a higher vibration. 

Remember that we want to do other things that will allow us to get sidetracked, so we will be able to stop binging, simply because momentum takes us into another direction. Just remember, we need to stay still and quiet with ourselves first, when we are in an uncontrollable binge.  We need to sit and raise our awareness in the moment, and while we are sitting, try to notice this for what it is.

Then we can sit and breathe.  I think one of the hard things about feeling like we can’t control our obsessive eating is that we have such a low vibration when we are behaving this way, because it is totally ego centered, and not God centered. 

We want to sit for a minute, and maybe take some deep breaths, to change the vibe.  And in the focusing on our deep breathing for a spell, the likelihood is greater that we will feel more full energetically, partly because we have chosen the high energetic road in the moment.

Because instead of allowing ourselves to go right into the active binge, we are allowing ourselves to take deep, full breaths, and slow down. Breathing is one of those human gifts God gave us, that definitely allow us to get back to being centered.

Breathing is one of those things, especially when we do it fully, which allows us to instantly get into higher vibration, because the simple act of breathing means we are allowing ourselves to confirm our living, because we are willing to breathe. 

And when we breath deeply repeatedly, then we are  getting even more out of lack and scarcity, because we are taking full breaths.  Full breaths are totally nourishing.

Breathing is a quick way for us to get to God.  And then, if we try breathing deeply for a while, we can always visualize a little how there is nothing empty about our Essence, because it is of God.  Just sit and remember the awareness that we are full, because we are sinless and lovable.    

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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