Choosing God is the miracle

Choosing God is the only miracle needed for the lift off into space, to get us to those Heavenly doors. 

Just this one action is all we need to do in our human lives. 

No matter what the situation in which we find ourselves, it can be good, bad, neutral, it all requires just that one little step into being proactive. 

We don’t have to DO ANYTHING while we live, especially anything that is too difficult. 

We have no special instructions from God and the Holy Spirit except to simply get on board with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is always what transforms everything. 

Just that simply acknowledgement to look at things, and to acknowledge when there is some off-kilter part of the equation in which we find ourselves. 

That is such a great blessing. 

There is no way we can get confused- it is all spelled out for us, in our intuitive knowing and questioning. 

We get the answers from God we need about how to proceed, if we simply stay quiet within, and listen to that prayer within our hearts. 

We see how God responds to our prayer, with whatever shows up in the picture of our lives.  This is always the only thing we need to do.

Then our confusion dissipates because it is ridiculous and unneeded while we live and function. 

Then, life starts to be seen as easy- and fun- because there is nothing hard to do, nor any layer of complexity. 

The world’s layers of dysfunction disappear. 

We don’t have to do anything further, with the world’s insanity, when we come from a higher level of functioning energetically, and we walk with God.  

All the world transforms into fun giggle fests. 

When there is no confusion, then we feel so much better, because we don’t have to wade into that insane level of dark muck within. 

All the dark muck disappears when we simply realize it never existed in the first place.

The Course is teaching us how to skip right to the great part, and end the moments of doubt, and our struggles disappear, because we no longer see them as real.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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