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Easy does it! 

Remember to sit and act with a gentle approach in life. 

When we are gentle and we are not rigid, then we have a God-centered life. 

Just show up and allow everything to be what it is. 

If we don’t allow things to be what they are, we resist them, and any resistance within is simply a block to the flow of God’s Love.  We get to live however we so desire, so let’s stand up, and give ourselves permission to live consciously.

Remember not to  rush.  When we move fast, make sure we do so with God. 

God always knows how to give us the most amazing experiences and life, so let’s be willing to bring God with us.

Being quiet within allows us to hear God. And that means we can have amazing success if we are just willing to clear our minds of any chatter. 

The ego is that mind chatter, so just remember to give the ego reason to stay quiet, or to learn how to stay quiet. 

Remember to be patient with the ego.  We all have those egos, that are loud and persistent, and so they may be annoying to deal with, but just remember not to resist the ego.  

We want to be very gentle with the ego, be utterly respectful, because the ego is part of us, and also the ego will never get to any inner quiet, if we are not kind and respectful to the ego. 

Then, when the ego feels forgiveness and respect, the ego is quick to simmer down.

So just remember to always give the ego permission to speak and be heard, but then also give the ego our walking papers. 

We want to be clear and firm, and persistent with the ego. 

When we are also respectful, this is the only way we will ever win that war with the ego, and get the ego to leave our minds.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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