Laurie’s Positive Points: Everything is good as it is.

Gratitude is something about which we want to be passionate.

We must have gratitude be our anchors when everything else looks like a call for Love. When the world appears insane, remember that we have gratitude in our hearts; we need to connect with it.

Make gratitude our one thing that we can count on implicitly to feel and express.

We need to have our gratitude be our favorite confidant when we join because it is inherent in who we are as people.

We want gratitude to be the thing we run to all the time in our days because gratitude comes so easily within us. We have so much gratitude within us; we need to take care of the gratitude we have in our hearts.

 We must be fosters or hosts for the gratitude. After all, we need to have a relationship with gratitude because we need to be on excellent terms.

And be willing to use gratitude regularly and to express it whenever possible.We can carry gratitude within us all the time.

We need to make time to develop our gratitude and be willing to listen to the gratitudes tune within us, one of defining gratitude as something that can offer love; gratitude is one way to express love.

We need to remember that gratitude is such a wonderful gift because of the energy it produces.

The world is, in fact, energy and not form the way we were once taught this false truth of life.

Energy is a real thing that exists, which looks like a form, but is not form. Energy is made of love and not love or fear.

We need to remember that our energy in thinking ends up in form, and humans are here on earth to learn lessons and one of the things we do is we project our energy into the world, and it gets launched into form.

We need to understand how energy works for us as humans as manifestations.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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