Laurie’s Positive Points:

Forgiving the Corona Virus: 

What a weird world we are living in! 

We all- in past weeks- are suddenly in this bizarre and unknown situation of having to consider- and figure out- the best way to live with this foreign entity- Covid 19- and function in some way. 

This is probably new for all of us, and there is no way to know how anything will happen. 

We are having all or at least most of our regular activities at least curtailed, or totally erased, at least for a long while. 

We just need to forgive this disruption to our usual life. 

When some thing we are facing is a possible killer, it can cause us more worry and more confusion and upset- even more than usual. 

It is hard to laugh and be playful, when we may be doing lots of missing our normal comfort in doing all we do, and also in missing the comfort in not having to worry usually about something that may be a killer to us, or our loved ones when we encounter it. 

We just need to forgive this insanity. 

Thank God that we have God within us. Thank God we can trust the Plan. 

We just need to have faith that all is well to begin with, and most definitely to end with. 

That trust in God is our beacon of Light- within the insanity- and in all the unknowns. 

Give ourselves permission to cry if needed, but then to laugh too. 

This is the best time to ACTIVELY practice the Course. The Course helps us to function all the time, but especially when there appears to be more insanity and more unknowns.

Let’s forgive first, and forgive throughout our process, of figuring out how to best function, and also how to face the day with a light heart anyway.

Remember we can go crazy with our forgiveness because it is even more necessary than usual.

Keep God with us, stay in conversation with the Holy Spirit, to encourage our faith and comfort.  Just know we have God with us- all the time- so allow our hearts to be light and without shadows.

Remember we must be proactive- even more than usual right now- because we need to do extra safety checks to promote and ensure our safety, so just forgive this.  

But then think and remember all the cool new things we can do right now, because we can’t do our regular old familiar things. Get excited about this because we can.

All love,


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