Get intimate with everything we do.  

The Godly wishes and God’s Will for us is to get intimate with all of the activities in our lives. 

The ego pressures us in every way, and is often rigid and inappropriately tense. 

We want to make sure that we are conscious about everything we do. 

The ego’s way is to do everything unconsciously, and therefore, be numb and unaware while we do all things.

The Godly way of doing things is to offer an awareness while all the activities happen. 

We want to feel inspired by all we do, even if it is like cleaning the bathroom.  There may be different things for each one of us- individually- that we may resist and rebel against doing and participating in. 

Realize that this always happens in the situations for everyone, so realize no one is alone in this experience- in trying to not actively connect with our awareness while we do things.  Know, that this is as normal as it comes. 

So don’t feel guilty about this, but simply just stand up tall, and remember that we have the God- given right to enjoy ourselves, and we have the God-given right to get into a deep love about each individual activity. 

We can sit, and deeply know all we are doing, and allow that depth, and therefore- the potency- to increase dramatically over time.

The amazing thing is that we can gradually get more comfortable, and grow in love about all we do, when we simply show up to do whatever it is we are doing, with a grateful heart, and also an openness to being present while we do whatever we do. 

Then we will not only get to enjoy everything much more, but we will get to also be totally easy about the process of getting it done.

Being in the moment with something, blesses us and it blesses the thing. 

Being in the moment is the best way to renew our non judgmental state about it.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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