Laurie’s positive Points:  Getting into enjoying your food

Food for most of us, ideally, we want to make fun.  

And healthy food, at least to me, traditionally has less of a thrill to it, when I think about it, or when I am eating it. 

This is a tragedy, because this makes eating healthier foods far less fun and palatable, and therefore, having less enthusiasm about it, the likelihood is far less that I will continue to eat it. 

Enjoying our food is something most of us want to do, because eating is one of the great pleasures of being human. 

Yes, we have to feed ourselves, so there are efforts involved in preparing food, and eating, but it can be a treat when we are eating foods, that are exciting for us.

Lots of us, who are interested in living consciously, may also really want to learn to savor our experience with food, because it is one of the extraordinarily cool parts of being human. 

So, let’s just appreciate that healthier foods may seem less interesting or less exciting, but we can change this about it, because we can change our attitude about it.  

The healthier foods are probably less interesting, because they may seem foreign to the other more desirous foods to consume. 

We just need to realize that we can change this, by going deeply into a great appreciation for those healthy foods.  We can eat them, with more excitement, as long as we are willing to see them differently.  

When we consume healthy foods, then we will feel better physically and emotionally. When we eat healthy and appropriate foods for ourselves, then the likelihood is so much greater that we will feel better emotionally and physically, and this is such a gift to us, because if we feel great within, then we will be more functional  and comfortable doing our other life tasks. 

Thus, eating healthier foods is better for us for this reason.  

Plus, when we eat a well balanced diet consistently, or at least most of the time, the likelihood is greatest that we will be at an ideal weight physically, because we are eating an appropriate amount of food and calories. 

Then we will feel and look so much better, because we are at a healthy weight, in addition to feeling so much better emotionally and physically.  This makes eating well the best reason ever.

For a lot of us, who do the Course regularly, we may be into doing the workbook lessons every day actively, so we have some established habit of working on various parts of our lives.

 So, just appreciate how skilled we are, that we already have established some discipline to do the lessons, or get to meetings, or continue to do the work book lesson throughout the day, not just reading the lesson, but also doing the instructions about how to live in our minds during the day.

We are really practiced and our practices, so just allow food to be another thing we practice, or whatever parts of your diet that we are actively willing to change. 

It is a lot of effort to change how we do food with ourselves, but start with that appreciation of the foods.  This is the best way to not resist the healthier foods, if we are actively in the habit of appreciably and enjoying them.

Allow ourselves to become bigger people, with our love for our healthy diet. 

Don’t think of it as one more thing to do, to complete on your task list.   Simply realize, that our appreciation for our healthier foods is not just something to check off the box, but rather simply to allow our minds to be more aligned, with what is healthy for us, is a gift to us in every aspect of ourselves. 

Allow the appreciation to be an easy offering, to the healthy foods.  We can offer it, because as we know appreciation will go right through us, and therefore, feeds us, because we gain it as it goes through.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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