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Go with the flow!

Going with the flow graciously is absolutely the most important thing we can do for ourselves.  It is the most challenging thing, while it is also the thing that will make us happiest and brightest when we do it, so getting into the groove of feeling the flow is worth the effort. 

God’s Flow is our own method of getting the very elevated energy and Presence of God’s Love, and it is something we all long for. 

We just forget what matters to us.  It is a cinch, we just need to step up, and make it the simple thing it is.

The key component in this instruction from God is to do going with the flow graciously.  The ego loves to complain about every last little detail, so we just need to get into a habit of getting into a flow that is God-centered, which is always available for us.  

Being gracious is always something we forget, because it is not the ego’s usual song and dance.  Being gracious allows us to show up, and gently quiet those ego’s loud cadence of complaining. 

We want to find that we relate to the moment, with an ever so gentle awareness about what is happening.  That is the way to be gracious.  

We want to show up, and be in the moment, but also remember to give everything permission to be there, so we are not feeling a sense of forcing, against the flow, or essentially resistance. 

Because resistance is always a way of blocking the flow of God’s Presence, just be sure to stay in tuned with whether we find ourselves doing that.  Be sure to get to that kind and open way of forgiving all we see, if we are resisting the picture at hand.

Forgiveness always needs to be included in the state of our graciousness, because forgiveness allows us to see the picture without judging it. 

We can also take action steps, in the moments where we evaluate the world, and where we find something that looks troublesome. 

Start first with forgiveness.  We just need to allow forgiveness to be the confidant we have bring with us always.  Forgiveness is our steady and trustworthy friend, who always heals what we see.

Being gracious is a God-inspired thing to do, because in graciousness, we bring forgiveness with us, to the love, and the calls for love in the world.  Being gracious means we are willing to accept the picture, and bring what it needs to result in love.  

Being gracious allows us to adapt to the picture, if the picture changes, because we are not attached to the picture as we see it. 

The energy of being gracious allows us to simply show up to the picture, that may be love, or a call for love. 

Thus, we are able to allow the picture to change with no judgement, since graciousness is a high level of energy feeling from God.  Therefore, graciousness helps us dramatically.  

Bringing graciousness allows us to get intimate with the picture, to really engage with it, so we are not resisting it. 

We also get to not be attached to it, because God’s Energy, by nature, does not go into a state of attachment, since God’s Energy is the most Supremely high energy, that always stays in the healthy flow of the Universal workings.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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