Gratitude Rocks the House:  

What happens when we feel off kilter and out of sorts? 

We get blocked off from God’s easy, perfect flow of Love, and this makes us miserable. 

Just having hard times can put us totally out of balance. 

Let’s just own that we are judgmental about something, and then, to solve this- jump immediately to gratitude to set the record straight.   

Judgement is always the only problem we ever have. 

As humans with egos, we all get into this insane battle with judgment that leaves us with a nightmarish ending.   

Judgement is when we have decided we don’t like something. 

The ego goes on ad nausea about judgement.  Nothing measures up!! 

We are attached to our own ending, and we are not satisfied if the picture does not look exactly like we want it to. 

That is it!  Our egos are attached to the insanity of obsessive attack thoughts. 

Our egos are addicted to the thrill of the thrill of attack- “the bigger the pain, the better”- our egos say.

This is then alway expressed via judgement.  Judgement always finds itself coming into the moment with a list of attack energy, thoughts and behaviors.  

Judgement is the declaration that nothing is acceptable as it is.  That is when we have attack thoughts and judgement about everything. 

Just realize that gratitude is the only thing we can use to totally get rid of the judgement and to get us above the battleground.

The ego has that persistent voice that will never shut up. From the ego, our attack energy runs rampant. 

But we can totally change this rigid attack energy simply by softening our minds with gratitude.  

Gratitude allows us to stop battling the present, past and future. 

Nothing is more useful and productive than gratitude. 

Just allow gratitude to be the one practical and energetic thing that carries us over, and softens the rigidity of our attachment of being right.

Gratitude carries us to an easy place where we go unaffected by the attack energy.  This one simple thing will carry us into a happy state.

Just be willing to be grateful. 

The ego always prefers to keep us in a state of scarcity.

Just allow the ego to be its persistent self, and then- just smother whatever it is in our lives with gratitude. 

Just remembering we can use gratitude- at any moment- to support us always, and encourage us, and gives us strength- to carry on within God’s Light and Love. Meanwhile, gratitude is of the same energy as God.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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