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Laurie’s Positive Points: Have a fluid relationship with all foods.

We will need to have conversations continually with all the various foods we eat. 

We need to be willing to sit with them individually, notice how we feel when we eat them, and all of the information we have about how we feel about the food is the beginning step, we need to allow our relationships with food to be redefined.

Food is that one thing that changes for us.  We may feel attracted to eating other foods than we usually do in the span of our normal life, simply because humans are always changing. 

We can bless this fact and be happy about it, because we can continually choose and re choose the food that works best for us now.Keep inquiring with ourselves about how the foods make us feel.

Just be willing to gather information about how food makes us feel, without judgement, this is key, and then we can act from this place of a knowing. 

Just the simple inquiry about food allows us to stay totally above the energetic battleground of our attachment to food.  

When we gather information about food, then our minds are still open to the possibility of something else, if we are open to seeing all that is happening in our minds.

When we gather information, we are open to having it or not having it, so our attachment to the foods are in check and at bay, so we can then respond to the food with the choice to consume or to not. 

Therefore, this gentle and easy approach to managing our addictive behavior with food is more reasonable to our minds and selves.

I think it helps if people remember to just shower all of the foods we are engaging with in our lives with gratitude. 

I think one challenge is that when we have a particular food or drink that we are especially prone to being attached to, meaning we have a crazy addiction to them, and then sometimes we know that when this certain substance we are attached to and we come into contact with it, then often we have a really skewed relationship with the addictive food.  

We end up being even angry at the food, because we are so addicted to consuming and controlling this substance for ourselves. 

Don’t forget  to not be angry at this substance, because we may have such an inherent reaction to the substance that does not feel good, because we are so used to blaming this food, for being there and tempting us. 

Just remember, to soften this drive to consume this particular thing, because this is the way to release all of that pent up attack energy we have about the food, so it is worth doing, so we can be liberated from this.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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