Healthy habits are what sustains us.  Get into doing them.

We want to watch our minds, and continually work on becoming more easy, grateful, forgiving and loving, while we make proactive physical steps in the world to make the best possible life for us. 

We need to do all of those things- to make our own existence to be filled with promise, and also with abundance and the plenty.

We also need to formulate amazing- and healthy -habits.  Habits are what sustains us. 

What we do for our health and minds are all dependent on our doing them regularly. 

Eating kale is great, but eating kale regularly is the way to truly allow us to have more ease while living. 

If our comprehensive exercise program is regular, then we are going to have so much more ease in the process of doing exercise. 

When we establish habits, then, we are not only more comfortable with the process of exercise, but also, the likelihood is greater that this plan of exercise will not only support us, but also give us exactly what we need to be optimally functional. 

And when we are optimally functional, everything is easier.

So let’s get into learning how to have greater peace with our exercise program. 

When we like it more, then we are more likely to exercise regularly, so it is worth looking at this.

Once we have spent enough time at the gym, (if the gym is an optimal place to get our workouts in), then, coming to the gym in time, can even get to the point of feeling like second nature. 

 Going to the gym can be a bit like breathing, definitely more basic to ourselves than before we had the exercise habit of going to the gym.  

So here is more impetus just to get us to the gym and do our thing. 

And sometimes I find reminding myself of this, which I notice about most humans, is that when we do something repeatedly, it does become easier to do even to a very small degree, or even to the full out practice of going to the gym. 

Reminding myself to get to the gym is easier when I remember that I will strengthen my comfort in being there with simple repeat visits. 

It DEFINITELY for me is a motivator to exercise, if I am having a day with a lot of resistance about maintaining my healthy habits.

Food is the same as exercise.  I just need to be especially sure that I am paying attention to what I eat and how much I eat. 

I need to be conscious and have my eyes open the whole way. 

Then, I need to be willing to choose what I think is best for me. 

And to be conscious all the time.  It is impossible for humans -to be conscious all the time for the most part, because our egos are such a dominating force in our nature, but let’s step up and do our best in the process.  

When we are open to looking at the truth, then we end up not having as much resistance to applying healthy habits because we are in a wakened state. 

We are more willing to see the truth, the times our egos have set us off the track. And, as a result, we will have fewer problems maintaining our healthy habits.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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