Laurie’s Positive Points: Accepting the Cycle of life to occur harmoniously.

Allow everything to have natural beginnings and endings with grace and ease.

Mother Nature is that force that always presents Herself in our lives. Nature naturally brings these different aspects.

Mother Nature is one component that is like the feminine part of God. Mother Nature is part of the way God expresses itself in what I think of as feminine form.

Mother Nature is something we can rely on to happen consistently.

All things in life progress or change. Everything changes, especially in the world. So we need to appreciate that this happens and not resist it.


 Mother Nature is the way life continually changes, and we need to allow mother nature to change. 

Life and death are both parts of living as humans on earth, and we need to enable them to happen.

We want to start by not resisting when life and death express themselves because life is most supported when we all allow energy to be defined most fully. 

We want to remember that life and death are simply part of a continuum, so don’t let ourselves resist this truth.

Life changes because humans always change, so we need not be upset when the world demonstrates that life and death wholeheartedly appear.  

 Then we need to remember even to be grateful for various expressing of life and death because they are beautiful and perfect and a significant, essential part of the picture of life.

So we need to embrace them when they happen. Sometimes, expressing death may feel upsetting, but remember to stop and embrace death on some level because death is necessary to renew life to be born again.

 The vegetation of the plants and crops end In the winter, when the weather gets cold.  Experiencing death can feel like such a loss, but remember that the life cycle will turn around and bring new plant life in the spring. Beginnings are also seen in all examples where we see death.

Just cherish our mother nature experiences and keep working on enjoying ourselves all the time regardless of our current circumstances.

We want to allow ourselves to be well-practiced at partying all the time!!

And appreciate all like we are all the most blessed of people because we can, is the best!!

Remember to honor life and death equally. We need to allow them to be not only friends of ours but also dear friends.



 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture



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