Laurie’s Positive Points: 

Get- immediately- out of the way- make sure our own agenda is not part of the picture.  

How do we plan?  Crazy when also doing the Course. 

The Course says, “Don’t plan.”  But how do we live in the world, and function there when as adults, we have to live to be able to survive?

So, we just need to get out of the way very delicately. 

Being delicate is not hard, it just takes time to master.  The delicateness is God- centered, so stay on mastering this.

The ego is intense and driven. The ego likes to have a plan about everything.  

And, then the way we know it is the ego in charge is if we get upset when the thing we planned for in the world does not come true.

We just want to be very gentle about planning. 

Have a clear vision of whatever it is we are trying to make happen- so we are focused, but have in our minds- a sureness that if that thing doesn’t come about in the end, it will not upset us, and give us a terrible day. 

This is a great test to help us to know if we are attached to the picture, and if we need to surrender the plan to God more completely- until we are not bothered by it. 

Asking God for help is always an amazing way to get where we want to go, which is to not be upset about the picture.

Knowing how to be gentle and delicate about planning can take eons to figure out. 

Just be patient with ourselves in this process.  Sometimes the frustration grows within us because it is difficult, and seems to take forever. 

Just forgive this first, and forgive ourselves. 

Forgive it all, and forgiveness- the serenity in it- always brings us that lightness in our minds. 

Lightness is also the same as being delicate and gentle.  The ego likes to batter us with a stick, the ego is forceful and harsh.

Also remember that the Course says that all that we are working on within our minds- when we focus on making ourselves open to remembering God automatically, can seem like it takes forever.

But do not forget that all of this delicate planning, that the Course teaches us, can also be instantaneous in our learning it, so we can feel great immediately. 

Just keep this reality in the back of our minds, and just remember this is possible, so we are open to the reality that what we are working for can happen now.   

This then feels lighter, because we are open, so it helps us in the picture.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture



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