Laurie’s Positive Points: “Remember to use your intention with consciousness and regularity.”

Intention can be our best friend and the most valuable part of coordinating our lives if we use it for our right and highest perspective.

The purpose is that we need to make sure and pay attention to whether we are using it well. Otherwise, lots of time may pass before we become aware of it, and when we do this, we miss out on our opportunity to use it for our good.

We need to be aware we have it so that then we can choose how to use it. We all tend to forget about our intention because it is not visible in a physical form. 

The choice is simply energy, so we often forget how essential it is to our lives and how our days will be remarkably better if we use it to our advantage.

 We have this energetic intention that we can use for our benefit. If we use our intention, then suddenly, all the things we intend for ourselves are more likely to happen.

Because when we focus our energy and sense and thus our will on our specific purpose, our worldly actions will become more potent because we put our energy and power there when we focus on something.

So the likelihood it will increase is dramatic. Thus, intention can be something that our lives will be drastically better if we focus on it.  

The intention is something we forget to notice. Still, when we have ways of reminding ourselves, the degree to which we will be mighty in the world increases because we include our own essential will and power to the situation at hand.

Therefore, all we want to happen, and our intention will become incredibly powerful.  We need to realize how paramount our intention is in creating our lives, and if we do, then we understand how we become much more powerful when we use it.

Once we know, we can take action steps to make our intentions more conscious; we need to contemplate how our choice can be used to create our lives of wonderfulness if we are open to taking action to make our purposes aware regularly.

We need to be willing to think about our intention every day and all day long, so we may be best served by reminding ourselves how to initiate using our intention, and continue to use our intention throughout our lives.

We may need to be willing to notice what we see of our choice and try to do something that will further us in our discretion, like taking time every day to pay attention to this. 

Even writing down our intentions regularly, or every day for a while goes a considerable way toward getting into more clarity and more power to recognize our preferences and find out how the best way is to get clear on our senses.

Then get more practiced at thinking about our intentions, and being clear about them will make us more influential in them.

Writing down our intentions is worth doing, for a while until our choices are more accessible to ourselves, and also so that we can read on paper what we have written to remind ourselves about our intention.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed Acupuncture


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