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It is either fear or Love: 

It is such a helpful distinction that all of what is not Love, is necessarily fear. 

There can seem to be lots of other emotions that we encounter. 

And on the surface, all of those ‘other’ emotions may seem to be something other than fear. 

For example, to me, anger and rage definitely seem like their own separate entities; but the truth is- that all of those other emotions, even though they appear to have some other quality on the surface of their expression, are actually fear underneath. 

Fear is so prevalent!  We just need to get used to the fact that we are dealing with so much fear- from within our own selves, and also from the people we encounter.  

This actually may appear to be a bit of yet unrealized news for us, because the fear underneath does not always seem obvious.  But remember it is always there.  

All of the lack of Love- in the world- and in our lives is simply an invite from God to bring Love to the picture. 

When there is a call for Love, this is a Love note- from God- to get crazy applying Love for the greater benefit of All. 

This is the way we heal every last portion of that fear, and also all of the emotions that look like something else but fear, and present in their own distressful way, but the truth is they are all fear too. 

The lack of Love- or fear- can entirely be healed with adding Love to the picture. This is one way that we accomplish the miracle. 

When there appears to be no Love, and we find a way to bring Love to the situation- in a word, deed, or intention, we bring Love to the setting, then all of the lack of pleasure ends immediately.

All of the problems in the situation are solved in a heartbeat.  

Just show up with the willingness and the awareness to remember that Love and fear are all parts of our lives that we can change and heal, with an easy shift into an elevated-God consciousness called a miracle.

The bringing of Love to the situation can be all kinds of different gestures.  We just need to call on the Holy Spirit’s guidance for the appropriate way to move forward and heal the discord.

Love is our best friend.  Love simply needs to be expressed to heal all. 

We just need to bring our willingness to join God’s party- with the assumption that all is well, and that only Love is ever needed to heal any amount of discord. 

Just know that bringing miracles to any type of distress— even if it looks hard to solve and heal- is easy when we allow God to be our engine. 

We just need to get out of the way and give God permission to be His Supreme Self in the situation.  Then, we can trust that all is well immediately.

All love,

Laure Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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