Laurie’s Positive Points: Listen to our inner wisdom with a rapt heart.

Listen to our inner wisdom with a rapt heart.

The only rightful guide is ourselves.

Be sure to be willing to listen to our Godly idea of how to progress our agenda our next step.

We always have what seems like lots of voices within trying to steer us in conflicting directions.The ego likes to complicate things and make things exhaustingly hard to understand.

Just remember that God- our version of the God that is appropriate for us is within us.

Stay tuned to that inner voice because God will provide the answers in whatever seems to complicate the scenario.

Appreciate that it is so simple when we remember that God is already and always within us. As the Holy Spirit, God within us has the perfect answer for whatever our questions appear to be in the moment.

Remember that God will never lead us astray, and therefore the fact that we can trust that God is within us makes us feel blissed out. Since God, from the perfect position of knowing absolutely, what is destined to happen in our life picture settles my heart.

We can trust the process as long as we are open to listening to God and open to accepting that God’s Will is constructive and appropriate for us.

I love that we can trust God is within us. And that God is running the show, so we can relax in all of the dilemmas that seemingly offend us.

And I love that God is so close because God is within each one of us. It feels so amazing to have such immediate access to God. When we accept that we are all part of God, there is a remarkable feeling that God, our Supreme Father, is not only In arm’s reach, but He is absolutely within our hearts and minds.  

When I went to churches in traditional Christian churches, I always heard that God was in the church or particularly holy people, but that did not include me because I am a sinner.

I never liked feeling I could not access God readily.

I love that now I need to quiet my mind and listen to that inner voice. We want to practice getting truly quiet within first, so hearing God occurs more readily, and knowing the difference between God and the ego is more straightforward.  

We need to remember that the ego wants all things to block the flow of love from God in our hearts, so stand up as soon as possible and declare that the ego does not rule our show. 

Our hearts can be blocked from the flow of God’s Love with any negative thought or any attack thought or feeling. Remember, we are in charge of the picture of what is happening within us, so stand up and make time to stay in our inner focus about what is happening there and what the blocks are that temporarily thrown us off base. 

Then be willing to change our minds about what we may not think we can do. Remember that God is just that force in the Universe that has the power to change and move the Universe. 

We don’t even have to say the name God if it triggers people. I try not to think of God as the God in traditional Christian religions, where God was not a compassionate God.

I also don’t like to even write about or talk about the word God with a lot of people because almost everyone has their unique concept of how God truly is. I don’t want anyone to read here about God and get turned away within because God is that male entity, and that God punishes us.

These are false ideas about God that are incorrect to me. I don’t want atheists to resist reading what I am writing because they don’t believe in a God concept.

I experienced knowing atheists who also agree that there is some benevolent force in the Universe. Hence, my actual view of what I happen to call God.

If people can be ok with that, that limited but precise view of God, then maybe they won’t feel so resistant to the concept of God. Then this is all there needs to be in the God to whom I am mentioning.

I think we have to all forgive God for being what the world calls God; we need to pardon the world’s view of God because it is an error, and it is most profoundly unfortunate.

We need to stop suffering over it. Because otherwise, we end up not evolving spiritually if we can not forgive the world’s definition of God.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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