Laurie’s Positive Points:

Living Consciously and not pushing your way through life. Eat well, and you will be well.

Food is one of the essential parts of life. We have to eat food to survive because this is how the body lives.

We need to have a healthy relationship with food because we have much more harmony residing in a body while we live when we do.

Food is the part of living that we get to choose, and we can select nourishment that helps us or prevents an easy flow of energy output for us physically and mentally.

Choosing the foods we eat means that as soon as we realize that we get to choose food, we can run out and make decisions and behave by eating certain foods that bring us into a happy, easy place or a complex space.

We want to have a happy and straightforward relationship with food, and we feel best when we are in harmony with food, so we need to make other choices if the foods we are currently eating are not helping us in the long or short run.

Be willing to experiment with the foods we are presently eating and take a crystal clear look at how we feel and behave when eating certain foods and how this is different from others.

Once we have had our experimentation and gotten intimate with looking at all of the foods, we are clear how they affect us, then we have gained information about this.

Remember not to judge the foods we are eating because judgment never serves us and permanently blocks the flow in God’s Love, so we don’t want to get into that emotional space when collecting information about food with attack energy in the mix.

We need to take the time and effort to eatables for ourselves how we truly feel when we ingest certain foods, and once we have this info, we need to make conscious choices and eliminate any foods that don’t work for us.

A detailed evaluation process is the best way to establish our diets, and we can do this whole process in a short amount of time, or we can do this over years or decades.

And remember that even after we have gotten a good amount of clarity about how eating various foods feels for us, even if the process of doing this has been very long as it is, we may need to do more.

We need to forgive that it takes time and effort to do this, and remember that even after we have established the food clarity initially, we may and will at some time need to do this again.

Because our bodies, and desires, and needs vary and change over time, even if we have done this currently. It seems like we did it well. We probably at some point need to do this again beaches everything changes.

So when we find ourselves our relationship with food Is bothering us, we need to allow for this to happen because this is the nature of living.

And we also need to continually forgive this process of regularly evaluating which foods are best for us currently. Forgiving is when we are not resisting the process, so let’s carry forgiveness with us elaborately in this process.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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