Laurie’s Positive Points:  

The miracle of right action- allow forgiveness to be present within.

Be willing to allow the miracle to be easy. 

We need to be the ones to make all we see a blessed expression of sacred energy. 

We need to see our lives, and all the characters in it, as a place where we feel welcome, and happy, and free to express our gratitude and love openly. 

We  just need to be the ones who are available for the miracle. 

We have to be the ones to say yes to Heaven instantly and permanently, and then know it is ours, the moment we are willing to invite this in.

The miracle of being in thae present, and accepting the present for what it is, is the way we want to live. 

When we are in the present is when we are not being attached to the past and the outcome of the past. 

We need to be willing to see the past for what it is, and then forgive this, and then let it go, and then move on.  Just allow the past to not appear to continue to go on in the present.  

We need to come to the moment, with simply evaluation.  We want to not have a whole huge list of baggage and judgement about the past and present, but instead be willing to simply allow ourselves to have a crystal clear use of evaluation concerning the present. 

We want to see what is happening, and be aware, but simply without the judgement, without the charge that causes us to resist the moment.  When we resist the moment, then we end up with a huge load of attack energy. 

So we are minded to simply show up and see the present, with a clear openness to what is happening, but also without our insane ego attack energy and intention.

We just need to forgive the past.  Forgiveness is that amazing balm that God has given us in our lives, so that we can undo our suffering. 

Forgiveness is when we stop resisting what we see. Thank goodness forgiveness is always available, as long as we are willing to feel it, and allow it to reverberate around us.  

Forgiveness is our way out of the nightmare, because it allows us to stop feeling all the suffering over the past. 

So we just need to allow forgiveness to be easy for us, and we need to be enthusiastic about the forgiveness process.

Sometime forgiveness can take us ever so long to learn, but we just need to show up every time, we find an ill in the world, or a call for love. 

Then, we are reminded to bring the miracle of our forgiveness.  We want to show up and give everything permission to be itself. 

We can sit quietly, and observe the world, with no charge, because we are allowing the forgiveness to be within us, and carried with us, at all times.

We just need to remember to make our sense of forgiveness like our second nature.  Be able to turn to forgiveness in a heart beat.

We need to rely on forgiveness being with us at all times, so just walk around in life with our inner eyes open, and ready for appropriate action, when the world calls for love.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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