My holiness is my salvation: 

I was just reading yesterday’s lesson, and meditating on the message. 

I marvel at how easy it is. 

I just need to claim my innocence and then all the problems of the ego disappear. 

It is so simple.  Just allow this reminder and this awareness of my innocence to be thoroughly and forthright in my mind.     

And then all the guilt disappears. 

That moment when I bought into the separation, and I thought I had done something wrong, was the moment I started to make my guilt real. 

The Course reminds us that all problems we thought we had completely disappear- this means they are erased and put out of even distant memory. 

When the problems have disintegrated, then my innocence is so much easier to believe.

When I believe that God declared my innocence, means that then I don’t have to do anything to fix the world. 

I can instead sit and check it out- and just sit and relax, because whatever I see is not a problem, when I come to the moment of looking with that energy and intention of realizing I am innocent.  

That my salvation is right here- and now- in the palm of my hands, means that the world won’t bother me at all- or at least as much, because I feel that my own internal cup of my innocence is full, so I don’t have to go looking externally-in the world- for anything. 

Because it is already within me, I can just relax, and sit and take in the picture neurally, and not be invested in the world’s picture.

i just need to do the work of reminding myself of my innocence until it becomes automatic. 

We want to carry this awareness with us at all times, so just be willing to make the effort to make the effort to just change our minds.

 Then, be done, and know we are healed, because we realized we were already healed and whole already as we are.

All love,

Laurie’s Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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