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I love that the Course goes out of its way to not even take a stance on whether reincarnation is true. 

I think Jesus is brilliant- in the Course about allowing all of us to make our own decisions about whether we want to believe in reincarnation. 

The Course says that we can make our own decision about whether to believe in it, while we have the Holy Spirit guiding us about the issue.

The Course absolutely knows that we have our hands full simply with dealing with the severity of illusions of the ego; the ego’s rants and raves are plenty! 

Therefore, make sure we don’t get sidetracked in getting to God- by anything- but especially over our choice about whether to believe in reincarnation.

The only important thing in the end is that we get to a place of completely buying into our own innocence and everyone else’s innocence, and being able to completely call on and remember our innocence is real always. 

We need to realize we are saved, and God gives us our salvation, because this is God’s Will. 

So we need to not lose focus in this processor becoming bigger people. 

God wants us to not feel that anything else matters except getting to that place of our constant awareness of our innocence. 

We just need to make sure we are constantly remaking this miracle of God’s Truth within us and all around us.

So, let it be fine if there is reincarnation, and let it be fine if there is no reincarnation.  God does not want us to go to war with others about this issue.

That attack stance is always blocking the flow to God’s Love and Purpose.

So just let reincarnation be a non-issue. 

Don’t try to figure anything out, and allow anything to be more important than gaining the awareness of our holiness.

The Course also makes a fabulous point about reincarnation- just don’t misuse reincarnation if we want to believe in it. 

Every concept can be used, and misused, by the ego, because the ego is a master at manifesting key elements of the nightmare. 

Just realize and continue to monitor what we believe, and think about- in general- while not allowing the ego to intrude on any idea. 

Make sure the ego does not distort reincarnation if you believe in it- for the ego’s own purposes. 

The ego can twist reincarnation into a perfect weapon for its cherished charades.  Just see this when it happens.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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