Laurie’s Positive Points:

Remember that resisting is a form of attack energy. We want to approach life and all of our activities from the lens of inviting all that we do proactively.

We want to enjoy the process, and the way to do this is not to have resistance or attack energy toward all we see.

We want to enjoy the process because it is our right as humans who we graced with this incredible potential to be happy and light and comfortable in the flow of life.

We can be delighted if we remember to heal the resistance. 

Attack energy is the basis for our opposition.

Therefore, we want not to feel resistance, so we don’t block the flow of the fantastic Supreme Energy we are open to feeling and engaging in when available to us when we are not finding ways to make everything a problem.

When we make everything a problem, we undoubtedly block the flow of our possibility of Supreme Energy, which we can notice and feel when we are open to it.

We need to remember to invite all we see with a lack of judgment and opposition.

We need to do this as well energetically.

The moment we go down the path of judgment toward resistance and attack energy, we are stuck internally because we are unwilling to be open to possibilities and instead are making war with the picture. When we resist something, we make war with it. 

Remember that the gentle invitation we have is what makes it possible to reinsert ourselves into the flow of our access to Supreme Energy.

Being gentle is also a way to be open to what we see and stay in harmony with it, even if it is difficult. We must allow gentleness to be our most potent weapon.

When we remain gentle in our minds and bodies, we stay above the battleground, so we can be happy because we are a walking miracle instead of resisting the flow of our access to well-being. 

We may regularly lose sight of the reality that our resistance is a form of attack energy because it is one of the things that can feel so subtle, we almost miss it that it is happening.

Our resistance may feel like it is one of those things that are genuinely inconsequential because it is so commonplace, we forget to be aware of the attack element of it and that that attacking energy blocks our flow of Supreme Energy.

We don’t even recognize this for what it is because we categorize it as something inconsequential. Still, we need to realize this truth to get more practiced at recognizing this and dealing with it proactively promptly.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture 


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