Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to be honest and clear with ourselves about what we really need.

Remember to be honest and loyal to ourselves about what we truly need.

Remember to stop and modify what we are doing if we need to change something. Be clear about what our hearts are asking.

Usually, the ego, our insane voice within that is always sending us in the wrong direction, is that very loud and persistent voice we have within that is confusing us.

That insane voice inside us misleads us and is always doing something to increase our chances of getting lost or stuck. The ego that the insane voice wants to perpetuate itself realizes that it will do everything possible to contact us in the worst position.

So we need to catch this before it happens or right when it happens so we can step in and make a happy, fun, easy action of preventing the ego’s usurping of our minds and seizing our willingness to stay focused on God and higher things. 


 Remember that the ego is so hard to catch because that insane part of us is so versed at making diversions for us.

The problem is that we generally don’t realize what is happening, So we could be traversing along and then think everything is fine as it is, but under the covers, within us, the ego screams in and changes the course of our ship.

We need to realize this means we are likely to be clueless about it when it is happening.  But fortunately, to help clue us in,  we can always tune in to our minds and hearts and experience how we feel.

When our energy and thinking are light and comfortable and fun, we are in the right place, but if not, we don’t need to be upset about it because there is no reason to ever blame ourselves for losing our way.

After all, we are perfect eternally and never need to feel bad about what we have done.

When we feel guilty about getting lost, this is the worse thing we could do ever do because feeling guilty is always the most primary block to the flow of God’s Love, so never resort to this for that simple fact.

We can do the worst thing for ourselves because it further injures us when we are not in an open flow with God’s love.

But remember feeling guilty is never appropriate either because God says we are sinless for all time, and therefore, feeling guilty is incorrect, so don’t allow this to happen ever.  

 All love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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