Remember to begin all we do with the attitude that we are ultra worthy of all the abundance we have. 

Remember to bring with us all the time that we are the most fortunate person to live all the time, because it is true. 

We just need to remember this and carry it with us every second of the day.

When we feel abundant as we go through life, we will stop to breathe along the way so that we have the best, healthiest, fullest breaths, so we really engage with our bodies.  

And we can do something like breathing which grounds us in the truth that we are abundant.

Being aware of our abundant worth is also a way we can express soft Selves. 

We need to be soft at all times, in mind and body, because when we are soft in our minds, we are in touch with the truth that all is well, so we don’t need to be upset about any part of the world. 

We remember that our minds are light and easy, because there is no frustration within or without when we remember all is well. 

We need to be soft in our minds because then, we are easy, we are open to the possibility of change, instead of being attached to outdated experience of affliction.

Being soft in our bodies when we move is the way to live pain free life, because we are delicate in our movements, and we go at an even pace, instead of racing, this is the sure remedy to heal our physical afflictions. 

When we race, this is always evidence of our egos’ being insane. 

We just need to be conscious of our movements and breaths, so we can actively practice being soft, gentle and delicate. 

When we do this, we get to experience the highest level of energetic healthy state, because it is of God and serenity-focused, and therefore, true.

It is very hard to remember to feel abundant when we may have such a hardness about our minds and bodies, because we have learned this in past experience. 

Just appreciate that learning to feel abundant is so difficult, because if we don’t feel abundant already, then we may have zero experience feeling this, so we have nothing to build on from the past. 

So just appreciate that the process of changing ourselves energetically that we do feel abundant in our day to day lives, might sound like the hardest thing to do to master.  How can we learn something if we currently have no experience of it now?

We need to take extra deep breathes and really contemplate how it feels to feel abundant and try pretend to do it if we can’t get it more quickly,   I always appreciate that old wisdom I heard from 12 step Groups, where they say, “Fake it, until you make it”. Just pretend until we can feel It more fully truly. 

I always think we can fake it to help us figure out how to feel abundant, and allow our processes be strengthened, and then one day this will be some initial step toward the goal of feeling abundant. 

I do this faking sometimes myself. as well.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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