Laurie’s Positive Points:

Remember to feel our happiness, and choose it with passion!

We get to decide how we will feel simply from our own choice to feel how we do.

The fact that we get to choose our thinking is incredibly empowering because we can feel amazing all the time.

After all, this is our innate capacity to create for ourselves. Happiness is the ideal state of being regularly; we know how much more fun we accept happiness in our reality.

We get tickled pink about everything because our minds are light and in a sustained state of grace because we are open and available to choose happiness in our moment to moment existence.  

 Just remember that happiness is also love. So satisfaction is another expression of love, so we can call on our pleasure to feed our minds and hearts and sail through our existence.  

 Remember that we need to feel light when we are happy. Make sure to see when we are not elevated when we are trying to be satisfied.

We need to do whatever is required to change how we are approaching our emotions when we want to feel happy.

We need to choose happiness readily and all the time, but we also want to have fun with our joy. Sometimes this takes some contemplation about what is going on within us when we want to experience happiness.

Sometimes when we are off and not light about being happy, we need to stop, take a deep breath, and notice what is going on within us.

If we have some other undesired experience, we need to resolve that first, and then be willing to get back to the happiness and experience the pleasure with gusto.

 I believe when I have cleared out within and don’t have unresolved issues within me, causing me to be slow or hesitant to get fully into the experience of joy, this is ideal. 

Our own inner blocks can be erased and undone when we are entirely willing to look at whatever our blocks are. So this is worth doing.

Happiness needs to be our best friend, someone we would never not spend the day with every day.

We want to make happiness our steady companion. We are the ones who get the fantastic reality where we are consistently in our flourishing happiness, so it is worth taking to the time and effort to become close friends with delight.

And we have an easy and fun time with joy because it is our confidence that comes with us as long as we remember.

I think of happiness as the lightest part of love. We need to make sure that our pleasure is filled with light because satisfaction is God-inspired and meant to be the lightest part of love.

So we need to make sure happiness is as prescribed, it must be filled with light.   

Remember, there is never anything wrong with being happy.

Sometimes, when we have relationships, we can end up in situations where either we are upset by something that happened in the world, or someone we love might have been disturbed by something that happened in the world, but remember, stay happy throughout.

We want to experience that inner certainty all the time, and we want to feel light about everything.

We may also wish not to say something immediately when we discover that our loved ones or we are upset because It may not seem like the compassionate thing to do to play when someone else is having a hard time. 

Remember that it is still excellent and appropriate for us to hold our joy within, even if, at the moment, it does not seem like the best thing about which to talk.

We need to also ask the Holy Spirit for guidance about what it makes sense to say at the moment, so we are clear about how to respond to the loved one’s upset. 

Just hold in our hearts all the time that all is well, even if we feel like it makes sense to say something comforting to the loved one who was hurt.

Or if it does not make sense to say something at the moment that might be kind and loving to our loved ones, we can still hold love and compassion in our hearts for them while we are in the situation. 

Remember to hold our own inner light and kindness and compassion in the situation for the person. At the same time, we also carry simultaneously our own sense of joy within and lightness throughout the process of responding.

Choosing joy will be offering the miracle and being light about the situation. 

 All Love,


 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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