Laurie’s Positive Points

Remember to stay in connection with the underlying love we have for our spouses or partners.

When we have relationships in our need as humans, we necessarily have conflicts with the others with whom we are close. 

When we are in the process of expressing ourselves, we stop seeing eye to eye for a moment because, we may not understand someone’s plans or intentions.  We may need to ask our close loved ones what they truly wanted to get across, because we can miss their intention, in less than optimal situations. 

We are reminded that we are the ones who get to choose our lives, so let’s be sure to be clear with our loved ones that what they said to us or did that  is causing us to feel upset, or worry, and we feel out of alignment, and we are having attack thoughts galore.  Let’s stand up and speak our truths.  This is the best way to no longer suffer.

Our most important task is to realize this will happen at times, so what we can do in the moment is forgive the present as we see it, forgive the worry and shame that this introduced, for each one of us.  

We need to forgive ourselves for our getting off track and being affected by that other person. 

We need to pause, and take a deep breath, and simply allow ourselves to entertain the notion that with greater belief in our power, we can be clear of that attack energy within us, when we are willing to be vulnerable enough do this work on ourselves. 

That attack energy disrupts the flow of God’s energy, so this is worth attending to.It is always strictly to our own benefit when we are open to watching, and catching, and then choosing thoughts instead that are finally healed of the attack energy. 

Just be willing to take action steps that are Godly, allow our proactive peace to be real. 

Be willing to stand up for our own awareness, and for our own self-empowerment, and be willing to stop short at nothing but to have a clear mind.

Just remember that our inner attack energy, in response to what that person said, we need to start first with, and forgive promptly, and allow it to dissipate. 

Forgiving is the most essential part of all of our life actions, but it is also an important part of being in relationships with loved ones.  We need to carry our forgiveness with us all the time in life, but especially in our relationships with loved ones. 

We need to have forgiveness always in our minds , and in our mental playbook, so that we carry serenity, and God’s Plan.  We carry the elevated consciousness of choosing to hold our loved ones with utmost love and forgiveness.

One of the keys to maintaining long term healthy and happy relationship with our close ones, is that we need to remain totally in love with them. 

We need to have this enthusiasm for them within us that is palpable, and present in our hearts, whenever we relate with them.  This can be a trick at times, like how do we carry that enthusiasm with us about them while they are giving reasons to scoff.  

Just remember that they are sinless, as are we, as individuals.  We need to carry that with us, so that we can maintain our long term relationship with gusto.  When we are excited about them, then we have gotten ourselves into the head space of being light and easy about them. 

That passion we have about them makes our easing into relating with them simple, because we are truly engaged with the energetically, and therefore, we are ultimately connected with them. 

Then, we remember we are so lucky they are in our hearts, so relating to them will be a delightful time, instead of a slog.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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