Remember the world is both real and unreal at the same time.  

This is a difficult concept in the Course, to in fact fully understand, because it is different from our usual way of thinking about the world. 

Remember the Course explains this aspect about the world in a non-linear way so it is different from the world’s old adage.  

The world occurs when we perceive through the ego’s mentality.  

And therefore, the Course can feel troublesome, because sometimes this particular gem of teaching can take us a while to truly integrate this into our mentality. 

The world is real and unreal simultaneously. The Course says right away in the workbook and text, that the world is unreal. 

This then for most of us, we struggle with this idea, because to us the world seems totally real in our perception.  

We need to realize first that the Course needs for the world to be unreal, simply so we have minimal upset about the world, when we find calls for Love. 

The Course has this poetic way of reminding us that we need to see the world as unreal, simply because it is the  most effective way of taking the world down a notch, allowing the world to not bother us, when we witness calls for love. 

Simply because, assuming the world is unreal, in fact, allows us to take a huge step back from the calls of Love in the world, and also from the root of our upset.

  Then, if we are less upset about the world, then all of our problems are solved, because we are then engaging the Godly Energy offing, above the battleground.

The Course asks us to always view the world as unreal, so we are less upset about it, but the cool thing about the Course is that it does not stop there. 

We get to be less upset about the world, when we allow it to be unreal, and at the very same time, the Course reminds us that the world is Real, specifically when we allow God to be our Purpose and our guide. 

As long as we are good and open to God’s Energy, then we can also take in the reality that the world is real, with God purpose. 

When we allow the world to be real, it is the closest thing we can have, of our getting to God’s Heaven, while we are yet on earth.  

It is the God given blessing to us and the world and to God, when we allow the world to be a Godly Real.  We get to participate in the world, with a sense of love, forgiveness, and miracle mindedness. 

This is when we are most happy and functional in the world, because we are not irritated with the world, and in our heart of hearts, we know that the world is unreal. 

This dramatically reduces our upset, but at the very same time, the world is real, with a Godly vision in all we do. 

So we get to be in the real world, and have the best time, because we are willing to see all the world as calls for love.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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