Laurie’s Positive Points: Self-respect must be our muse.

Self-respect needs to be our most important trait to remember.  

We need to have self-respect first and foremost, and then dealing with other people’s issues, and the world all become dramatically more comfortable.

When we have self-respect, then we are willing to fight the good fight for ourselves. We are eager to do whatever is necessary to end up with the best living situation possible.  

I see self-respect as the thing that helps to keep us balanced because we are comfortable with reality and we accept the truth that we are loved and lovable, and we approach our lives henceforth, with certainty that is the foundation of how we approach the world.

Self-respect is our one healthy vice, which allows us to stay grounded in the principles that we are willing to make an effort to have the best life possible. Self-respect is the way we approach life when we live to the fullest.

Self-respect is the willingness to take to the outer edge of our existence and be willing to go to the extent of what we need to do and where we need to go, in going through life.

Know that our self-respect helps to fill in the map of what we need to do to engage our lives in the exact way we want to engage in our lives.

Self-respect is that thing that keeps us in even temperament. Sometime s our egos and our insane parts try to run the ship, and self-respect keeps us in check.

We don’t go to extremes but rather stay in the middle because we are willing to treat ourselves with our due self-respect, and so we can tamper the heights of our insanity, and this is always the best way to engage in life.

Self-respect is our permission and commitment to do what is most beneficial for us because it is healthy and appropriate.

We must stay tuned with our self-respect and feel it altogether because it is our incentive.

We need to continue to notice how our relationship is with our self-respect and how good we feel when we implement our self-respect.

Stay focused on getting increased awareness about our relationship with our self-respect. Continue to monitor and be willing to clarify how we can fine-tune our self-respect when it needs adjustment or modifying. We need to give it permission to be what it is and not try to resist it in any way.

 All love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed acupuncture


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