Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to stay entirely in the solution, not the problem.

We all have this insane attachment to being focused on the problem, not the solution because we are so used to allowing our lives to proceed this way.

The problem is where we have a real tendency to make this our sole view. But remember, when we focus on the issue, we accentuate the attack energy within our problem.

When we focus on it, we increase the power, and thus, we need to be sure we are not focusing on it all the time because this is the way to improve our attack energy and, therefore, produce a less happy and functional life.

Focusing on the problem is our inability to rise above it and be above the battleground. We never want to do this.

Remaining focused on the solution means we are open to establishing the answer, so the process must have the best options before us. Remember focusing on the solutions allows us to have the necessary emphasis in our minds for experiencing the answers so that we can live well and fruitfully.

The problem is when we stay focused on the situation.

When we are living as humans, we all need to see what is happening and be able to differentiate when we are focused on the problem or the solution. We need to be clear about this.

The nature of our human lives means that sometimes when difficult things happen, we may find that we need to notice what Is happening in front of us and around us to make decisions about how to proceed and what to do. So it may seem like ill advice that we should not focus on the problem, because certainly if we overlook the situation, through seeing what is happening, we will never be able to take the next necessary step in the process.

After all, we have not been willing to notice the problem at hand at least. I am not saying you don’t think about it at all. There is a need to establish whether we are in the problem or the solution. We need to evaluate what we see and experience to state what we need to do next clearly.

So this evaluation tool is one with no judgment and, therefore, no attack energy. Therefore, remember to evaluate what we see to get clear about how to proceed. 

So it is ok to stay in the problem until we have evaluated it, but then immediately go into solution behavior. We need to energetically and personally be focused on the solution because the solution by its very nature of what it is is not in the problem in essence or energy

We need to appreciate that our solutions need to be in energy. We need to keep our solutions at the forefront of our lives and mindsets.

We need to stay in the solution where we remember that the problem never existed in the first place.

And so we can promptly throw the pain away the moment we glean information about it; and remember, don’t keep repeating the problem in our minds because this is one way of accentuating the attack energy.

Remember that our solutions energy and purpose need to be full time in our minds and consciousness whenever we are dealing with evaluating the problem to focus on the question on something that energetically will be the solutions.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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