Excess of the season

Just appreciate the season comes with all kinds of blessings and challenges.

Holidays are filled to the max with excess with food, and drinks, and parties, and lots of delectable treats. 

We can appreciate all the great different foods we eat because the season is a celebration of our lives. 

The season is one where there is nothing but enjoying the magical parts of living, like the abundance that we have in our lives, and sharing that abundance with our friends and family.

We get to witness- and participate in the miracle of extra helpings of lots of treats we may not usually partake in. 

We know that this is extra fun activity- that we have fun with partaking in- is only there in so much excess primarily in this time of year, so we can be grateful it is not all the time. 

When it is so fun to participate in eating these things, we have a break from our usual routine, and so this is a blessing and gift to do this occasionally.  We can appreciate all of the food and extra stuff we are ingesting at this time.

Appreciation is the best way to go, so that we can really be present, and grateful about all the treats we are eating. 

We want to just sweetly smile about these things, because it is a time to celebrate life, but just do what we can to find ways to make limits.

One thing I do that I find really helpful in times of seasonal excess, while eating seems to be atypical, I give myself the firm boundary of eating only one plate full- to, then not eat seconds. 

I find this really helpful, because it is just a little boundary that I give myself, so that I don’t go hog wild at the Thanksgiving feast. 

I also try to be sure that I don’t eat much of the really high fat things like gravy and stuffing and mashed potatoes and desert.  I try to limit butter, or foods that are prepared with butter.

One helpful thing is that I also sometime just agree with myself to eat more unusual stuff over the few holidays but then, go back to my usual diet once the left overs are gone.

I just decided to eat the holiday stuff, during the holidays, that I don’t usually eat, so I may gain weight temporarily, but then when the left overs are gone, then I go back to eating my normal, low fat, and low sugar diet.  I can lose weight again once I go back to my regular diet.

This is definitely a must- to design our own person diets to be able so allow us to sustain our low body weight, or our slim, healthy selves. 

When our regular diets get us back to the weight that we desire, then it is easy to do. 

So one thing I have found really helpful is paying attention to my own regular, personal diet, and try to make sense of, and be clear about, what kinds of foods are going to allow me to maintain the weight I want to have.

I think regardless of the amount of exercise one does, that with diet alone, people can maintain their desired weights. 

Exercise is hugely important, but focusing on diet is I personally think is most important in the grand scheme of things to maintain my weight.

There is nothing to do but to party with friends. 

But just be as conscious as we can be, in the excess of the season- to just be conscious of what we eat. 

Bringing consciousness to eating helps dramatically, to allow us to not go into the uncontrollable urge to overeat.

And then, acting on the urge of overeating, if we don’t want to.

So, definitely bring that.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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