Laurie’s Positive Points

The Miracle is Palpable: 

Remember that the world becomes manifested physically the moment we feel it, so the miracle becomes real in the world while we feel it internally. 

We have so much power!! 

We have so much power, because of the way that energy gets projected into the world, and then becomes visible, and we can feel it with our hands, as well as experience it energetically.

God never wanted us to feel lost and alone while we are humans on earth. 

He wanted us to be able to find our ways back to Him, the moment we thought we had separated from Him- in our minds. 

This is why God set up the world in this way- that allows us to experience our minds in the world- in form- while we are here. 

God wants us to have a miraculous tool, that always works for us to then gain more clarity. 

When we see that we are experiencing our own personal thoughts that are projected into the world, that God gave us this physical reality, that allows us to then truly see what is happening in our minds, and so then we can get home to God sooner.

We are entirely empowered in this process of having our thoughts projected into the world. 

God wanted us to remember we have the strength and power, to simply remember that we are home already with God. 

God just wanted us to have this moment of insight, about the fact that we are in the world, probably seeing something that is undoubtedly a call for Love, and He wanted us to know that we have the capacity within OURSELVES to get out of the nightmare.

God wants us to know that it requires a simple recognition on our parts, to realize that getting out of the nightmare is simply something we can all do- if we are willing to choose to do so.

God absolutely LOVES our willingness, because we bring our own intention to the picture. 

God loves when we share energy, and share experience, because the energy of sharing, inclusion, is what is holy, and God- centered. And therefore, this energy is the quality of God.

And when we get lost, then because God gave us the willingness to get home, when we choose it, so this is why God gave us the crazy earth, to simply learn in our process there, that we can all get back to God. 

Just give great gratitude to God for giving us the world, because it is the place where we can in fact truly see ourselves, and then gain in awareness, until we remember we have the power to choose to get back to God.

 And then, bless it all in the process.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupunctures


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