There is nothing to do but enjoy the ride!

When we resist the moment with our attachment about how we think we want to have the world look, then we are slowed and stagnated in the moment. 

This is when we get static along the way. 

That static is the vibration of resistance. This does not feel good at all. 

Just be willing to see it and let this go.

The ego likes to clutch- with a ferocity- onto the picture, so the ego will go to extraordinary lengths to simply keep the picture the same.  The ego loves its own familiarity, LOVES its own story.  

Just know the ego will battle us in order for us to have our own freedom.  The ego tries to mislead us, and tells us that staying with the ego will ultimately lead to our freedom, so we buy into the ego’s lies.  But just realize the ego is not our evil twin- trying to force us into something unpleasant and unhelpful.  The ego is not cruel by nature, but simply is an uncorrected child. 

We simply need to hold compassion for the ego’s insanity. The ego is like a petrified child, waking up after a nightmare. 

This is never pleasant to have to placate the ego, and give it support, in a moment of crazed attitude and action.  Be kind and gentle with the ego for being stuck and simply being needy. 

Give the ego the right to grasp for a hug, and the option and right to cry if needed.  The ego can then become our best friend.

But then, when the ego knows we are a trusted confidant, allow the ego to change its tune. 

When we give the ego permission to be whatever the ego is- however seemingly crazy, then the ego will get softer in its expression.  This is the miracle itself.

Then, when the ego is softer, most likely, we will find that the ego is much easier to quiet down and relax. 

This joining with the ego- at least energetically- is the way of healing the world. 

When we are willing to witness the ego and the world, without judgement, but simply awareness and acknowledgement, then the ego settles down, and will stop the battle, simply because we are not rejecting it.  

Witnessing the ego is the direct route to the miracle, and what the Course tells us is salvation, simply being joined with anything and everything. 

This openness to joining is the way we heal ourselves too, then there is no problem in having the best time, because there is nothing else to do.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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