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Laurie’s Positive Points: “There is something perfect about God’s time.”

God is there, with our hearts aligned with Him. 

God totally, one hundred percent loves us, and God declares that we are sinless for all time. 

This means we never even thought about sinning, much less doing it, and therefore, for all of us, there is no reason at all to feel guilty or ashamed. 

We can know that all is well, because God wants for us to share in God’s perfect Will, since we were created to be His beloved heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. 

And what is so cool is that Heaven starts now, as soon as we are ready for something new. 

All we have to do is have the slightest bit of doubt, that we may not want the ego’s reality, and then this naturally leads us to the best thing we can have as humans, to have God’s perfect Purpose be present for us, to carry us through the hard stuff. 

The world has a plethora of pitiful moments, so we just need to use those moments, to get us back to God. 

Allow the insanity to allow our minds, to be open to an alternative.

God loves us, unlike any other human experience.  God wants us to have all the fun stuff, because God is the ultimate Lover. 

God loves us, therefore, we feel so great, that the hard tasks in life, become much easier. 

The amazing thing is that if God loves us so much, then we can trust God unconditionally. 

If God has gone out of His way to give us all the Love, and devotion, and absolution that He has, then we can trust that God is going to take care of us, all the time.

When we have really hard, absurd world stuff, then it can be hard for us, like we somehow got left behind by God. 

If God loves us so much, one might expect God to give our loved ones a buffer beyond their cancer, or to help us straighten out our emotional and physical pains, which can make us raving mad. 

But our job is to show up anyway, and know that God absolutely has a plan, even if in the moment, we may be unsure, where God is going, with the plan. 

It may be hard to see why God has not provided for us, or our loved ones, a way out of our suffering.  

We just need to have more faith in God.  We need to give our faith some legs, and power to rebound from those moments, we are struggling to stay in appreciation, and in our own comfort of being in the plan, as it is now. 

God has a perfect plan, so we just need to give God permission to do His thing. Faith in God needs to be our new best friend. 

We need to develop our faith, and allow ourselves to meditate on the beauty, and appreciation of the moment, even when we are struggling.


All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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